The Memoir of the Millennium

The Crux of a Conquest?

Endtroducing the story that needs no introduction?

Posts of parts of “The Memoir of the Millennium” have been online for some time. They were reformatted for the conclusion of 2019, following a directive that had come from the edge of the abyss, a place to where Das Steel had been pushing his limits.

Totally spent, he struggled back to town without a dollar and sold his beloved buggy for peanuts. Then he registered a domain for The CUT, before diving into the fire at the heart of this story. With containment lines fully tapped and gas tanks broached, the story blazed anew and the telling of the most difficult chapter had begun.

One day later “We Need To Talk About Yasmine El Orfi (Part One)” was complete. The next morning, feeling white hot, like a blue-flame-breathing dragon, he walked through the sweltering sunshine, from his camp at the showgrounds, to the library, got online and posted it to his personal blog site. He waited just a few more minutes to post it to Facebook, dead-on high noon.

This is the story that refuses to remain untold. It was always going to happen. The people involved knew as much. It is forever just a matter of time. That’s why, through blood, sweat and tears, the powder is kept dry.

Here in The CUT the parts of the story can be carved, cut, polished, and assembled. The leading text, “Dreams Love Fucking Life Near Death and Some Other Shit”, might get continued to become the complete memoir. And there’s still so much about Yasmine, gaslighting, 1999 and the year 2000 that needs to be talked about; however, now we know what the score is, it can probably wait. But oh please, don’t we all just love that juicy tell-all boy/girl drama?

What The CUT really wants to slice into is 2001 and Das Steel’s exploration into harnessing the power of soul and spirituality to attempt to create a genuine significant effect on the stream of reality. Channelling weaving threads of universal storylines with experiential knowledge through a deep emotional connection.

So let’s roll. The current posts shown below begin at the end, with the first report written in 2002, “The Day We Will Never Forget”. They are followed in a chronological order of events, so the two parts of “We Need To Talk About Yasmine El Orfi” bring up the rear. How fitting. They are bit of a spoiler to “Dreams…(Part One)”, so if you’re not in the know and you’re going to give it a go, read it like that.

Links for PDF downloads will be included at the end of posts, either formatted for phone or A4 originals, including the first ever public posting of the original 2002 version of “The Day We Will Never Forget”. The download formats of the posts will get collated into a single document that is The memoir of the millennium.


The Day We Will Never Forget

A 2020 Repost for The CUT. The keystone of ‘The Story’ of the millennium, now set in The CUT. Find it in the main article, with PDF downloads (including the original 2002 version), connecting links and descriptions: The Memoir of the Millennium.

Team Selfie: Spring 1997

Photo blog October 2018. Originally posted to Facebook. Winners are grinners. The human race, does it get any better than this? After the run Schaf and I had just skied it was hard to comprehend. It was some higher level reality shit. As good as it gets. End of story?…… The storm blew into another… Continue reading Team Selfie: Spring 1997

Dreams Love Fucking Life Near Death and Some Other Shit (Part Two)

A Pipe Dream Sparks? Continued… (An Introduction) Mark was leaving. I was bummed. His course was finishing in a few weeks. He had some work lined up starting later in spring, abseiling or something. Before that he was hitting the road in the Bluebird and was going to do some hardcore backcountry sessions. So I was going to be on my own again, with no crew, trying to adjust to a ‘normal’ life…

The end track of ‘Endtroducing…..’ by DJ Shadow.