Opening The CUT

January 2020

How sharp’s your vision?


What’s the score?

What is The Story?

The truth is out there.

Do you get it?

It’s here now

making The CUT.

Photo: Das Steel

Das Steel’s personal stories, related through blogs and memoirs, are now posted in The CUT. His current readers will know that major chapters of the bio are incomplete, but full stories are progressively piecing together. The CUT aims to further this process with a continuation of planned and random blogging, becoming more regular, to be curated by incorporating and interlinking the blogs into site pages. It’s a grinding of raw and rough, to a razor’s edge, for cutting the crap, chopping up ‘the shit’, and sticking it deep into the real deal.

An exploration can then be made, following threads of themes and subjects, highlighted by these experiences, which weave through the time of our reality stream. History is a convergence of past possibilities stemming from the present moment, as is the future. What becomes, what emerges, and what continues to be manifest into the matter of the universal flow is a convergence created from diverging possibilities. It is the force of nature. It is universal truth. It is what powers the evolution of life.

Survival is the name of the number one game, ultimately won by what best synchronises with the divergence of universal possibilities. The fittest is that which converges from the greatest divergence, and for life on Earth in the present state of the game, humanity is looking fairly fucking lame. Who denies it? Why is it? Where is the leading synchronisation of convergence into and from divergent universal flow? Do you know what it is? How do you see it? Can you feel it? What makes it happen? Are you with it? Do you get it?

This is The Convergence of Universal Truth.

This is Reality Integrating Perspectives.

This is The CUT.

Who makes it?

Are you in?