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THE Fucking Shit

THE Fucking Shit (PDF Download) Unfinished and canned in 2019. Re-rolled for the Great Australian World Shitpaper Crisis of 2020. “THE Fucking Shit” was a production from the 2019 Flame Zone Dream Build mission to the edge. Beginning as a grand exit mic drop testament, it’s an attempt to create a stream of consciousness in… Continue reading THE Fucking Shit

The Day We Will Never Forget

A 2020 Repost for The CUT. The keystone of ‘The Story’ of the millennium, now set in The CUT. Find it in the main article, with PDF downloads (including the original 2002 version), connecting links and descriptions: The Memoir of the Millennium.

2019: The Flame Zone Dream Build, Do or Die, No Plan-B Mission (Part Two Preview)

Part Two Preview 2019: The Flame Zone Dream Build, Do or Die, No Plan-B Mission (Part One) A sculpture of an island volcano, with fuel added to the hot coals of the crater for effect. Built on the abandoned water tank pad of the FZDB site. July 2019. So far as I know there was… Continue reading 2019: The Flame Zone Dream Build, Do or Die, No Plan-B Mission (Part Two Preview)


Just in case you missed it: Making news around the world… These tweeted photos were freely shared and used by many major international news organisations on Jan 2. Summer snow can get dirty, but I’m guessing this is fair dinkum, and not just the smoky light. Interesting timing, following my Facebook posts… Dreams Love Fucking… Continue reading 1/01/2020

Dreams Love Fucking Life Near Death and Some Other Shit (Part Two)

A Pipe Dream Sparks? Continued… (An Introduction) Mark was leaving. I was bummed. His course was finishing in a few weeks. He had some work lined up starting later in spring, abseiling or something. Before that he was hitting the road in the Bluebird and was going to do some hardcore backcountry sessions. So I was going to be on my own again, with no crew, trying to adjust to a ‘normal’ life…

2.4.7. My World

Written in 2007 and first posted in 2017. Follows from Motherfucking Earthquake Wave Nirvana. 5/06/2017. Monday. Time I did some work? Catch up on some old deadlines. Should have posted this as an X anniversary last April. Better late than never. 2.4.7. My World Here We Go Again… Friday before Good Friday 2007, I got… Continue reading 2.4.7. My World