Rip-Cutting Reality: Start Here

First posted in Forging Ahead 02/2020:

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Photo: Das Steel
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Do you get the line

from the cutting edge?

What’s the point?

Where’s it heading?

Got the plot?

It’s a fix

for The Story

of reality.

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Photo: Das Steel

How is The Story


Taking a swing at it for The CUT,

ripping into it for a 2020 starting point,

this is how Das Steel currently sees it:

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Reality, which we perceive as our universe (the Universe) is a stream of energy with ‘patterns of density’, light and massiveness, in a causal flow that we comprehend as time. This universal flow, the spacetime continuum, is the plot of the story of reality. The big picture. The grand narrative.

It is an integrating weave of threads; storylines; currents in the flow; patterned by force fields. What gets manifest is the most probable permutation from the possibilities produced by the combinations of fields. This generated stream; continuum; flow, or universe, does not move through time, it is time. It exists from the Big Bang through to whatever happens for the total entropic dissolution into infinity.

Probability of possibility, drawn by the entropy of the infinite state, is the highest power of the Universe. We pray to our gods, for they are the arbiters of fate and fortune. It is our creator whom we meet in death. Evolution is an entropic force. Life organises to maximise the transfer of energy from high to low state systems, to increase equilibrium, within a parent system that is open only for the input of sunlight (and the occasional meteor.) Life feeds and shits, breeds and dies, and that which is most adaptable to maximise its ability to process energy (efficiency of consumption) becomes the prevailing pattern manifesting as the organism in the universal flow.

Complexity of life grows from the probability of possibility within the open parent system. Mother Earth is constantly being fed energy from the Sun, exciting organisms to grow so that they can shit and die more, increasing the entropy, the ‘infinite divineness’ of the parent system. Matter is finite, that is an invariant quality of the patterns in universal flow. So growth creates an interplay for existence, which in a dynamic open system requires evolution (adaptation for survival) and results in complex steady states of organised non-equilibrium components, sometimes called syntropy, producing a stable parent/host system of energised equilibrium harmonious with the entropy of its universal flow. This is manifest into the causal connections of life’s reality as organisms, ecosystems, food chains and genetic selection.

Universal flow, powered by the forces of nature, is a pattern of convergences within divergent growth. Probabilities within possibilities. How we are aligned with this pattern, as organisms, creates our life force, channelling and affecting what manifests as the stream of reality, which is consciousness. Alignment is achieved through feeling with body and mind (immediate experience and interpretation) and with soul. Soul is the weave of connected threads streaming in the universal flow. Alignment is spirituality. Everything has alignment, in varying degrees.

The universal truth is the complex of patterns that create the entire stream of reality. It underlies everything. It is a multitude of forces whose fields project out to infinity. We can find it manifest in threads and currents of the universal flow, be they large or small, short or long; storylines that terminate or live on. To become an eternal thread, one needs to cut through and connect to the essential patterns for all parts of the weave, integrating the spirit found therein, to channel life force with a convergent advanced power.

(Or something like that.)

Who gets it?

Hint: Running patterns of denial, disbelief and disconnection, only gets a diminished reality, vulnerable to domination by self-terminating power sources. Got it yet?

Disclaimer: Das is no student of the laws of physics, so his science might be a bit shaky, but just a bit. His highly divergent mind has difficulty focusing to describe deep detail. The concepts are true enough. They are a solid starting point for exploring a more scientific reasoning of reality. The CUT recommends PBS Space Time with Dr Matt O’Dowd.

YouTube: PBS Space Time

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