2019: The Flame Zone Dream Build, Do or Die, No Plan-B Mission (Part Two Preview)

Part Two Preview

2019: The Flame Zone Dream Build, Do or Die, No Plan-B Mission (Part One)

A sculpture of an island volcano, with fuel added to the hot coals of the crater for effect. Built on the abandoned water tank pad of the FZDB site. July 2019. So far as I know there was no fire ban yet in place for the area, but it was already due. I wanted to put a gas canister in the fire, but I didn’t want to blow embers everywhere, and didn’t want to attract attention to the site.

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Subject line of email dated 11 Sep 2019.

“Hup 1 hup 2 hup 3. Tick tock. Ever put a gas canister in a fire? You want to know about flow? Here it is. Boom. ”

Open letter Fb grab
Facebook post originally posted publicly.

A flaming hot piece of misogynistic and misanthropic sardonicism, “Hate Mail” ends with the line “See ya Jacinta, wouldn’t want to be ya Jah cinder.”

An excerpt:

Never mind what
I was working on
I’ll tell you what I wasn’t
I wasn’t working on
what I was doing
one score years
before today
Why not?
Do you know
what it was?
Do you know
what one building collapsed
killing scores of Christchurchers?
Coincidences just happen
Fuck you forever
Who created
this destiny?
Not me
I had other plans
But I like this one
a real fucking lot
I fucking love it
You can only imagine
how exhilarating
my ride is
I am the Superbeast
And as extremely difficult
as it often is
dealing with this mind-fuck
it is always
a god-sized relief
knowing I don’t have to be
one of you
Fuck you forever
The most pure
powerful force
of mana in the Universe
is that which flows
through me
and I will
never ever
be yours again
but I will always
own you forever
Now the time has come
for you to pay
what you owe
Your overdue
king’s ransom
Nothing less
than eight figures
and a lifetime supply
of lamb chops
and some extra soft
merino socks
will suffice
And tell those cunts
at Te Papa
that sword is mine
and they better be
looking after my stone
real well
The world is watching

The Christchurch building collapse mentioned is the CTV building, referenced at the end of…

The Biggest Motherfucking Underground Legend in the Entire History of the Universe?

An extension to…

Motherfucking Earthquake Wave Nirvana

…which contains an introduction to Ruaumoko.


The “Hate Mail” Facebook post was immediately followed by a post of the music video for Pantera’s “Mouth For War” (the first track from the album “Vulgar Display of Power”) and then an accompanying second post for “Pushing the envelope 1.10.MMXIX” as a juxtaposition. Titled “Brother Love Letter: An Open Letter to the President and the Beautiful Peoples of the (Let’s Come Together to Make It Re-) United States of America”, it was a humanistic male feminist exposition on Mother Goddess and Earth worship.

we need fb post
Facebook post. 9 December 2019, 12:00 pm AEDT.

We Need To Talk About Yasmine El Orfi (Part One)

we need comments
Comments posted on 10 December 2019 to the post of “We Need To Talk About Yasmine El Orfi Part One”.

“Hands up, who wants to hear the one about the last time I was in Whakatane? Well, I’d just come down off Mt Maungapohatu in 2001 and was hitching out of Ruatahuna… /…smoking wickedly good shit. The boys dropped me off down at the bay so fuckin’ wasted I didn’t know which way was up… /…I’d been thinking about the perfect cook-set… /…this stunningly beautiful German woman had exactly the style cook-set… /…as I hitched out to East Cape the storm started to set in… /…Stuck in the van at the East Cape carpark with Bettina and Elizabeth I was the perfect gentleman, but as the wind blew so strong we wondered if the van would blow over, inside the desire to merge my flesh with this dreamlike mother/daughter combo was taking me to a whole new level….”

10102019 fb
Facebook post 10 December 2019.

“So I’m going back to Brissy tomorrow. Nearly broke. Had to sell my car for peanuts last week ‘cause I didn’t have a dollar, but scored a ride for tomorrow. I been a bit bummed. I been on a do or die mish since the June full moon. Came up with a plan in May for a website all about building design for flame zone bush areas, called FZDB, (Flame Zone Dream Build). Registered a biz and bought domains even. But I was like fuck that, no plan b’s. I got bigger fish to fry. I been channelling volcano for a year or something. So pulled in some signs and took a stab at being specific. Wrote it down and stuck it in an envelope. Yeah, couldn’t make it happen. I kinda suck, eh? Here’s a photo I took late July of my conjuring. It’s at my flame zone dream build site. I was going to stick a gas can in the next fire for a better effect but I chickened out ‘cause it was so dry I didn’t want to start any bushfires. So yeah, that’s supposed to be my island volcano erupting, you know, it’s a water tank pad, right? I had to get outta there a few weeks ago, scary big bushfire too close. Oh well, better luck next time.”

News item, 11 December 2019.

It was a Brisbane mum and daughter.

My ride back to Brisbane fell through. The next day I loaded my mountain bike with gear and rode the 300k back to Brisbane in 3 1/2 days in a heatwave that peaked above 40 (100) degrees.